Welcome to the official site of Master Jackie Yao Wu Hu and the American Xingyiquan Baguazhang Institute. Master Hu is the founder and chairman of the American Xingyiquan Baguazhang Institute. Through this organization, he will be promoting, sharing, and teaching Xingyiquan and Baguazhang to enthusiastic martial artists throughout the United States.

Master Hu has been learning martial arts for over 50 years, specializing in Xingyi, Bagua, and Tai Chi. He is an inner disciple of Liu Jing Ru, a famous Cheng Style Bagua master, and Geng De Fu, a renowned Xingyi master who is the son of reputed hero Geng Xiaguang, and the grandson of Xingyi Grand Master Geng Ji Shan. Master Hu has over 30 years of Xinygiquan, Bagua Zhang, and Tai Chi Chuan experiences and has also learned many other martial arts from other famous Masters. This website has a wealth of information that he would like to share with those who love martial arts.

欢迎来到 xingyi-bagua.com, 本站是美国形意拳,八卦掌协会的官方网站。将由创办人胡耀武先生透过这个网站广交武术爱好者,同时透过这个网站在美国普及、推广中华武术。

胡 耀武先生习武四十多年,特别对形意拳、八卦掌、太极有资深的造诣。胡老师先拜著名武术家、八卦掌泰斗刘敬儒门下习练八卦掌、形意拳。后拜著名武术 家耿德福门下习练形意拳及太极拳。耿德福一家三代皆为中国著名武术家,其父耿霞光享有“江南大侠”的称号,其祖父耿继善是中国一代形意拳宗师、北京四民武 术社创办人之一。 胡耀武习练形意、八卦、太极拳三十多年,期间还得到过许多名家指点。网站内有具体内容,共与武术爱好者分享。